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Suffering in the Crucible and Gattaca Essay - 840 Words

Arthur Millers play The Crucible and Andrew Niccols film Gattaca both present the idea that suffering can lead to growth through their main characters John Proctor (Crucible) and Vincent Freeman (Gattaca) and their very unique experiences . The authors then explore who their characters share the burden of their ordeals with and how they assist in turning their suffering into growth. Despite the fact John and Vincent live in two completely different worlds over three centenaries apart they both experience the same struggle against society and are both considered failures in their communities but grow by overcoming their inadequacies. Miller uses John who is a man who holds a great belief in holding and maintaining a respectable†¦show more content†¦Niccol uses Vincents life of discrimination and his seemingly meaningless existence to show how he suffers in a society obsessed with perfection. It is this prejudice and injustice that drives Vincent to overcome his inadequacies by taking on the identity of a Valid and begin a new life living his dream of working at Gattaca. Niccol shows the audience Vincents growth is complete when he finally boards the rocket destined for Titan as he has succeeded in fooling society and has proven an In-valid is just as capable as a genetically engineered Valid. Both Miller and Niccol use their main protagonists to sh ow how their unique types of suffering can eventually lead to growth. For both John and Vincent overcoming their inadequacies is no easy task and they are both aided by one other individual who is there to support them and help share their ordeals. Even though he was unfaithful to her, Johns wife Elizabeth Proctor is constantly there for him throughout his trail. Elizabeth is also accused of witchcraft but her execution is delayed because she is pregnant. By delaying her execution, Miller has allowed Elizabeth to support her husband and inspire him to choose the path of righteousness and truth. When Reverend Hale pleads with Elizabeth to convince John to confess she instead replies, â€Å"He has his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!† Miller has uses Elizabeths quotation to show that John has grown enough to

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Authority Definition in the Study of Sociology

Definition: Authority is a concept whose development is most often associated with the German sociologist Max Weber who saw it as a particular form of power. Authority is defined and supported by the norms of a social system and generally accepted as legitimate by those who participate in it. Most forms of authority are not attached to individuals, but rather to a social position, or status, that they occupy in a social system. Examples: We tend to obey the orders of police officers, for example, not because of who they are as individuals, but because we accept their right to have power over us in certain situations and we assume others will support that right should we choose to challenge it.

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Ovarian Cancer Research Paper Free Essays

Sydney True Psych 471 Reproductive Cancers Assignment University of Nebraska-Lincoln Fall 2010 Ovarian Cancer Research Paper Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that is characterized by the formation of the cancer cells in the tissues of a woman’s reproductive glands, the ovaries. It is when normal ovarian cells begin to grow uncontrollably that this cancer develops into dangerous malignant tumors that can be found in one or both ovaries. There are three types of these cells that are responsible for ovarian cancer: Surface epithelium, Germ cells, and Stromal cells. We will write a custom essay sample on Ovarian Cancer Research Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now Surface epithelial ovarian cancer is the type that grows on the outer surface of the ovary. This is the most common form of this cancer, appearing in about 90 percent of ovarian cancer cases. Of the more rare forms, germ cell tumors originate specifically in the egg-producing cells and the Stromal ovarian cancer in the supportive tissue encasing the ovaries. In women, older age and obesity may increase the likelihood of developing ovarian cancer. Other factors include a personal or family history of this or other types of cancer, women who have taken estrogen after menopause (especially for longer than 5 years), and women who have trouble conceiving. The symptoms that are commonly associated with ovarian cancer are similar to some less serious disorders, but in this case, they may occur more and become more severe. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) list on their website (www. cancercenter. com) that the most general â€Å"symptoms of ovarian cancer include: Bloating, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea, change in urinary frequency (feeling like you have to go more often), pressure in the abdomen, back, or legs, vaginal bleeding (including heavy periods), and fatigue. Unfortunately, and as any woman can attest to, these symptoms may be part of a normal menstrual cycle. Thus, making this a difficult cancer to detect. Women are encouraged to become more aware of how their body usually feels and see a doctor if any abnormalities persist after several weeks for an examination. In order to make a diagnosis of ovarian cancer a doctor will perform a serious of tests including: a pelvic examination for any knots or bumps that could be possible cancerous growths; a pap smear to test for signs of cancerous cells; an ultrasound that tests the sound waves of healthy tissue versus potential tumors. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test uses radiofrequency to distinguish diseased tissue from normal tissue. A CA 125 blood test will show a possible increase in levels of CA 125 protein, an increase that is often linked to ovarian cancer. A gynecologic oncologist can perform a laparotomy to collect fluid samples from the abdominal cavity in order to test for abnormalities. Lastly, a less invasive test that is similar to the laparascopy but requires only a few small incisions. Once a diagnosis of the cancer has been made, How to cite Ovarian Cancer Research Paper, Essays

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A Raisin In The Sun Essay American Dream Example For Students

A Raisin In The Sun Essay American Dream Dreams can be seen in many ways. A dream could be something you had in the night that seems so real, or a dream could be your fantasy, where everything is going your way. The last type of dream is something that has more of a deep sense and plays an important role in your life. The type the dream the Younger family had. Each individual had their own hopes and anticipated something. Walter and his chance to be big and important with his liquor store, Beneatha and becoming the opposite of an asimillist and becoming a doctor, or Ruth and her moving out of the rap trap of a life and home, and becoming something bigger and more significant. The person I saw that had the foremost wishes was Mama. All she wanted was to see her family happy and for her to be happy herself for once. She wanted the family to stop suffering and never moving forwards. Mama wanted Travis to have his own room, and by this she sacrificed her own personal room for that by sharing with Beneatha in the new house. She was sick and tired of this anguish the family received. Her dream was to see her family stop having distress and be in a higher class and to be basically be happy. In the beginning of the play Mama anticipated the insurance money coming. She hadnt decided right away on what to do but she the basic idea. From the time she didnt have money to a little bit after, Mama began to really see what her family was put through. Before the money came, the family began to have their own dreams and Mama listened. They varied, of course, but they had one primary meaning; to get out of this rut they were in and head to somewhere big. Once Mama got the money, it took a little time but she had her mind set, she went and bought a house. She felt it would be the best thing to benefit everyone in the household. She ignored the racial lines the would prevent the normal black people from even thinking of moving in that type area and pursued her dream, her dream house. Once the welcoming committee showed up, Mama was luckily not there, she understood that difficulty would lie ahead, but she didnt care. Not much would stop her from her dream, not even losing the money, the essential life force of her dream. Walters incompetence isnt a big enough hurdle to prevent her from continuing her dream. She would sacrifice for her family, like working and not spend as much money. In the end of the story everything worked out fine. I think because she stuck so severely to it and tried her hardest not to let go of her dream. Letting go of it would be like giving up on her life. Her dream was definitely a positive dream to everyone, all she wanted to do was to make everyone happy. Walter was disappointed at times because Mama denied the money he needed so badly, but he didnt see things the way Mama did. Mama was the one that saw past all the little things that would hold her back from completing her dream. But thats the thing she did the most and the best, held on the dreams and made them come true.

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General Motors External Environment Essay Example

General Motors External Environment Essay Example General Motors External Environment Paper General Motors External Environment Paper When the business cycle is at the stage of recession known as recovery, it becomes even difficult for the potential customers to keep up with the routine purchasing habits. This means that the customers purchase only the things which are economical and are of absolute importance. The new protocols imposed by the Fiscal Policy Institute (PI) resulted in a hike on the organization by the government which resulted in the increase of selling prices, thus making the vehicle out of reach of purchase. Inflation as well as deflation marks a straight blow to the cost of products and the services. For instance, if more tax is levied on customers, it implies diminished income which finally results in lower expenditure. All these circumstances directly affect the potential customers to turn away from GM and chose more affordable and economic automotive products. Furthermore, for international markets, the inconsistency in the exchange rate gave others an added advantage. :

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Whats a Good ACT Score That Depends on Your Definition!

What's a Good ACT Score That Depends on Your Definition! SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips It’s hard to define a good ACT score because every student has different goals and standards. However, there are various specific ways you might think about your scores to decide on what a good score means for you. In this article, I’ll go through four different means of defining what a good score might look like for you on the ACT. What Is a Good ACT Score Nationally? If you’re somewhat unfamiliar with the ACT, you probably just want to get an overview of the types of scores you might get and how they stack up to the national average.On the ACT, the highest score you can get is a 36, and the lowest score is technically a one.Within that range, based on national statistics, there are benchmarks for what indicates a higher than average or lower than average score. The lowest 10 percent of scores are below a 14 composite, so anything less that that would be considered a very low score. The bottom 25 percent of scorers earned a composite score of 16 or lower. These would also be considered low scores. The 50th percentile score on the ACT is around a 20 composite, so this represents the national average. The 75th percentile score is a 24, which means that 75% of students score below a 24 composite on the ACT. Anything above a 24 is a very good score on the national level. If you score a 28 or above, you’ve moved into the elite score range, meaning you’re earning a better score than 90% of students in the country. See this article for a more detailed discussion of ACT score percentiles.National statistics are only so helpful because they include students who don’t plan on attending college.This may skew the averages slightly lower and prevent you from setting accurate goals for yourself based on your personal abilities. It's also especially true for the ACT because many states use the ACT as a statewide assessment test that all students are required to take. In the next fewsections, I’ll go over some helpful ways to judge your scores in contexts that might be more appropriate for you. Hawaii requires all high school students to take the ACT. And you can bet that it's hard to get any studying done when your backyard looks like this. What’s a Good Score Compared to Other High-Achieving Students? If you’re an honors student and are not satisfied with comparing yourself to the national average, you might want to compare yourself to other students who have similar goals and high school class records instead.The scores of your similarly high-achieving classmates might be more indicative of the score goals you should be setting for yourself. As a general guideline: For the top third of high school honors students, the 75th percentile ACT score is around a 29. For the top tenth of high school honors students, the 75th percentile ACT score is around a 32. If you’re in either of these groups, these scores should give you a benchmark as to where your scores need to be to compete with others who have similar college ambitions.Remember, 75th percentile means that these scores are higher than those of 75 percent of students within each of the groups, so if you aim for these scores you’ll most likely be above average even in a group of nerds. If you attend a private school, you can also look up statistics on your school's website for ACT scores. Most private schools will provide these numbers publicly. At this point, you may want to get even more specific and research the colleges that interest you to find out what score you should set as your goal. I’ll go over this process in the next section. You're all Smarties, but who is....Smartiest? What’s a Good Score for College? This is where the determination of what a â€Å"good† score means can get a lot more subjective.Since every student has different goals for college, what qualifies as a good score will vary significantly from person to person.The best way to figure out what a good score is for your college goals is to look up the average scores of students who were admitted to colleges that interest you. For most schools, you’ll see a score range that gives you the 25th and 75th percentile scores of students. To have a solid chance of admission, you should aim for the 75th percentile score as your goal.If you’re interested in a few different schools, you might look up statistics for all of them and average the 75th percentile scores to get a reasonable goal score.To find these numbers, just Google â€Å"[name of school] admissions requirements PrepScholar† and click on the first result.Read this article on how to find your target score for more details. If you go through this process and find that your scores are already higher than the average scores at schools that interest you, you might consider aiming for more competitive colleges.At a more selective school, you’ll have access to better opportunities, a more intellectual community, and more challenging classes.You’ll also end up with better prospects post-graduation when you’re applying for jobs or grad school. If you’re aiming for the most competitive schools in the country, you might find that their 75th percentile ACT score is close to a perfect 36 (Harvard’s is a 35).It’s safe to say that at these schools, you’ll need to aim for at least a 32 or higher to have any chance of being accepted. College admissions have become extremely competitive in recent years due to the volume of applications, so schools have had to adopt higher and higher standards to pick out students from the crowd. You gotta be that one special red rock student in the big pile of gray rock students. What’s a Good Score for You? You might also consider your own starting point and limitations when deciding what a good score means. You’re competing against yourself first and foremost as you make improvements to your score.Try studying for ten hours and then taking a practice test.The score that you get on that test can be a baseline for you to build upon in future study sessions.With dedicated studying, you may be able to improve this score by 3 or more points.Once you take this first practice test, you can formulate a study plan to help you reach your score improvement goals. Most students hit the limit of how much time they can put into ACT prep at around 40-80 hours of focused studying.After you have put in this much time, you should take another practice test and see where you stand.If you’ve improved by 3 or more points, you’re getting a good score compared to where you were at the beginning. If you didn’t end up improving much at all, you might want to rethink your study habits and make sure you really understand your mistakes.Getting a â€Å"good† score is really about maximizing your potential, and you can’t do that if you’re not using the right study methods. If you managed to improve by 3 points from a low score, you should consider yourself to have earned a good score regardless of the actual numbers. At this point, you can reassess your goals and see if you might be able to improve even more! If you find that your studying is progressing SLOWLY, you might need to revise your methods. I just really wanted to include this picture of a sloth. What's Next? Trying to improve your score dramatically? Find out how long you should study for the ACT based on your goals. The ACT gives you four free score reports to send to colleges on each test date. Should you use them?And how do you actually send your scores to colleges? What if you have a high GPA but didn't do so well on the ACT? Read our article to learn how to deal with this situation. Disappointed with your ACT scores? Want to improve your ACT score by 4+ points? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically.

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Pre-arrival policy for patient attending accident emergency by Research Paper

Pre-arrival policy for patient attending accident emergency by ambulance - Research Paper Example This results to an increased number of patients slowed registration of patients and long waiting lines. As a result, the accident emergency ambulance of the hospital in question has been under pressure. The high demand for emergency health services has had adverse effects on the physician productivity (Haraden & Resar, 2011). The emergency physicians have made efforts to fill in the gaps while stretching their ability to attend to as many patients as possible. At certain patient confines, productivity decreases and the quality of service delivery is compromised (Liang et al, 2010). It is evident from the above discussion that accident emergency situation management is cause of concern for hospitals and they need to address the problem efficiently in order to improve the quality of the service life cycle quality. In such context, the researcher has decided to go through previous research works of research scholars and identify key findings of their research paper and then evaluate the merit of the findings in context to improvement of emergency service in hospitals. This research paper is not about suggesting a new application which can improve capability of hospital to manage accident emergency situation, rather the paper is more about finding potential emergency application for hospitals by criticizing research works of previous research works of scholars. Search Strategy Searching for the articles and previous research papers on emergency ambulance and emergency care services in hospital was a daunting task for the research paper. The researcher faced number of problems while searching for the previous research papers, 1- Google Scholar was used in the initial stage for searching peer reviewed and academic research papers but in most of the cases, abstract of the research papers was given which could not serve purpose for the researcher, 2- majority of available research papers were pretty much old (prior to 2007) hence using such research papers could not he lp the researcher to understand the contemporary aspect of the research paper and 3- very few research papers were found that can exactly fit with research problem related to â€Å"Pre-arrival policy for patient attending accident emergency by ambulance.† After facing such problems, the researcher understood the fact that academic peer reviewed journals can only be found by using proper databases like Elsevier, Emerald, Proquest etc but one has to have the access of these databases in order to go through research papers. Fortunately, the researcher got the access to Emerald data base and then started searching for research papers by putting key words. The researcher put the keyword â€Å"emergency ambulance in hospital† in Emerald search engines and got 233 research papers but these research papers, literature review case studies, non-articles were not targeted for emergency services hence those research papers couldn’t be used. Then, the researcher typed the ph rase â€Å"accident emergency in hospital† and modified the search within the period 2010-2012 in order to get more recent research papers. After doing such modifications in the search process, the researcher g